Are you allowed to walk or bike in Fort Monmouth?

Local residents are wondering if their Beach Cruiser will warrant a Police Cruiser.

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Fort Monmouth Rt. 35 Entrance

The entrance to Fort Monmouth on Rt. 35, showing the signs in question

Residents of Oceanport and the neighboring towns have been left confused by signs that prohibit walking and biking at the entrances to Fort Monmouth. The signs clearly restrict walking and biking "beyond this point" as you advance into the former Army base turned residental and business hotspot.

Visitors typically enter through one of two main entrances located at either end of the Fort (Rt 35/CR 537 & CR 537/Oceanport Ave), both of which prominently feature the signage.

The question of biking or walking around the Fort is clearly top of mind, popping up frequently on the Oceanport Residents Facebook page amongst other public forums.

So, are you allowed to walk and bike in Fort Monmouth without the possibility of a citation?

Fort Monmouth Oceanport Ave Entrance

No Walking/No Biking at the entrance on Oceanport Ave

Yes, you can walk and bike in Fort Monmouth.

The Osprey reached out to the Oceanport Police, who were happy to provide details about the situation.

  • The signs were placed at both ends of the Fort by the Monmouth County Highway Division when the road was reopened to the public.
  • The signs are not enforceable today due to the presence of residential units, businesses, parks, etc. throughout the fort.
  • The OP Police are in contact with the FMERA and the Monmouth County highway division to remove the signs.
  • The timeline for their removal is unavailable at the time of publication.

Fort Monmouth Bike Path

A bike path through the central road of the Fort

This information aligns with the FMERA's vision of the future for Fort Monmouth.

In addition to area assets, the Fort’s master plan envisions that it will be home to theaters, restaurants and shops; an 18 hole golf course; a bowling alley; a fitness center; 210 acres of ball-fields and active recreation uses; walking, jogging and biking paths; and over 200 acres of parkland preserves and passive open space.

As the process of replacing the signage continues, residents are encouraged to use caution when navigating the area safely on foot or by bike.

The next FMERA board meeting is Wednesday May 17th at 5pm.